Word Warriors

1st - 6th Grade

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Father’s HouseChurch Word Warriors is an upbeat, exciting and relational Children’s Church for grade school aged kids. It features fun interaction while learning the Word of God.  Our dream is to see kids come to know God and learn to depend on His Word and Spirit not only today but this solid foundation will remain with them the rest of their lives.  

Word Warriors has a military theme that the kids really love. The camo, the dog tags and other gear all add to the fun of memorizing and applying God’s Word to life. It is definitely a place where we believe it’s exciting to learn to walk with Jesus. Just ask the kids!

Jesus said to feed His sheep. God has given us the great honor and responsibility to do just that! We are grateful for the tremendous opportunity to share Christ’s love with our kids! We do it with all the energy and excitement we can muster up, because we believe our children are truly a gift from God.